DMS Trade ServicesTo send an ON-LINE FILING REQUEST or to review your PUBLISHED tariff data, choose from the links below.

1. From Internet Explorer, click on "Tools" in the menu at the top of the screen.

2. Select the last entry from this list  - "Internet Options".

3. Next, select the "Privacy" tab, then click on the "Edit" button  (IE version 5) or "Sites" (IE version 6).

4. Enter "" in the "address of web site" box, press "tab" on your keyboard, then click the "allow" button next to the box you just entered the web address. Repeat this procedure for "".  

NOTE: Check to make sure that both "" & "" appear in the larger box labeled "Managed Web Sites" with the words "always allow" next to each name.

5. Press "ok", then "ok" again and you should be all set.  If needed, close Internet Explorer, reopen and log in again.  You should now be able to enter your tariff by clicking the "view published tariff data" link as normal.